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Lewes New School closed after a journey of 18 years

Lewes New School was founded in 2000 by forward-thinking parents and educators with the intention of providing a real alternative to mainstream education.

The school has evolved over the years, but at its heart has remained the intention that children and adults co-create the curriculum, inspired by the children’s curiosity and imagination and informed by the skills they need to flourish as lifelong learners and purposeful members of their communities.  In this atmosphere, children have found a freedom to be themselves, explore new experiences and develop a rounded, articulate outlook on life.

For many years, LNS has functioned on a tight budget. With many economic factors coming into play, this year has seen an emotional but pragmatic decision to close.

The successes of LNS have been many and we are secure in the knowledge that our children are equipped to venture out and enjoy new experiences in their new schools.

Our thanks go to all the children, staff, parents, governors and trustees over the years who have contributed to making the school a special place for those who have had the privilege of being here.

Lewes New School is available to hire

A range of flexible classroom spaces including a dedicated art room and a spacious hall are available for hire by community groups. Please contact for details.