I am often asked, “How is Lewes New School different from other schools?”

Our school is a special place with a relaxed feel, like a large extended family. Children know that they can be themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Visitors often comment on the noticeable strength in the relationships at the school, and the quality of dialogue between children and adults and between children and their peers.

We trust that children have an innate curiosity about the world so our curriculum responds to the needs and interests of the child, rather than requiring the child to adapt to the needs of the curriculum.

It is a joy and a privilege for me to watch as adults and children work together in partnership, developing ideas, exploring and discovering new possibilities, and refining and evaluating their learning. This co-creation generates new knowledge and understanding and is exciting, dynamic and satisfying for all involved. It is challenging, authentic and holistic and results in a level of engagement that I have not experienced elsewhere.

Children at Lewes New School grow in the knowledge that they are valued as individuals, happy and confident with their own unique passions and love of learning. This is a place where children flourish.

The vibrancy and integrity of our children cannot be captured on a page. I do hope you will visit our school to see for yourself.

Linda Morris, Head teacher

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