Our values

We value our humanity above all else. We hope to educate each child as a whole human being, rich with the potential to flourish and the possibility to share in life.


We value childhood for its own sake, not simply as a preparation for adulthood or the teenage years, but as a time for active learning, exploration and discovery. Childhood should be unhurried, unpressured and free from fear.

Opportunities to ‘be’ in the moment are valued highly – whether that be mindfulness and quiet contemplation, being in the flow of creative pursuits, or getting lost in the thrill of play.

We strive for personal integrity. Everyone is on a first-name basis, no one wears a uniform and children thrive in the understanding that they are valued for who they are.


Learning transforms us. As we explore the world, our relationships and our ideas we develop in our capacities and capabilities and become the fullest expression of ourselves.

We value learning and aim to create an environment where questioning, experimentation and the freedom to make mistakes are all encouraged. Learning, as life, is a creative process, which isn’t always linear or easy to predict, so we value the process as highly as the destination.

Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, fostering self-motivation and an inner discipline and setting the foundations for a life full of learning and transformation.


Ours is a warm, supportive learning community in which each individual can feel they can contribute and belong. We learn together and play together, seeking out regular opportunities to strengthen our bonds.

Relationships between children, staff and parents are characterised by mutual kindness, care and respect and children learn the importance of caring for themselves, each other and their world.

“Our kids have been known to ask during the holidays 'How many sleeps til school?' which is testament for us that we have made the right choice."

Lucie & Loran, parents