Our staff

Our staff are as committed to learning as they are to teaching. Giving a little more of themselves than you might expect, they work collaboratively with children and families to put our values into practice.

Head Teacher & Development Team

Clare Everett, Assistant Head

Mandy Rose

Clare Everett, Assistant Head

Clare Everett
Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)

Sarah Thomas, Development Manager

Sarah Thomas
Development Manager

Alison Waterhouse, Interim Head

Alison Waterhouse

Early Years Team

Amanda Lucy, Early Years Teacher

Amanda Lucy
Early Years Teacher

Julie Beck, Nursery Teacher

Julie Beck
Nursery Teacher

Lauren Doidge, Year 3 & 4 Teaching Assistant

Lauren Doidge
Early Years Teaching Assistant

Middle Years Team

Clare Everett, Assistant Head

Clare Everett
Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning) & Middle Years Teacher

Heather Brown, Middle Years Teacher

Heather Brown
Middle Years Teacher

Later Years Team

Anne-Marie Fauvel, Year 5 & 6 Teacher

Anne-Marie Fauvel
Later Years Teacher

Clare Everett, Assistant Head

Craig Sullivan
Later Years Teacher

Louise Hunt, Later Years Teaching Assistant

Louise Hunt
Later Years Teaching Assistant

Support Team

Mandi De'Ath, Bursar

Mandi De’Ath
Office & Finance Manager

Jack Thunder, Cook

Jack Thunder

Clare Everett, Assistant Head

Peter Murray

Sophia Poznansky, Piano & Violin Teacher

Sophia Poznansky
Piano and Violin Teacher

Clare Everett, Assistant Head

Jaime Regan
Guitar Teacher