Early Years

Play continues to be the work of children as they progress through Early Years.

Reception children gradually settle into more focused activities. Opportunities for shared and independent reading, writing workshops and maths games are introduced, which will remain a part of life as the children progress through school. Children work in small groups according to their stage of development as well as practicing and applying their emerging skills through play and project work.

Projects take on more complex forms as children make connections between the things they learn. A trip to the country might inspire a collaborative painting of the incredible sky – which sparks an investigation into things that fly, the geometry of paper aeroplanes and patterns of flight. Children increase in their capacity to work collaboratively and discover how a small idea can grow.

There is plenty of time for children to revisit what they have learned and to reflect on learning itself. What was and wasn’t working today? What can we try tomorrow? Learning is an adventure.

“I'm proud to be part of a community that makes it safe to expose our mistakes, so we can keep on learning together and become who we want to be.”

Elizabeth, parent