Later Years

In Later Years, supported and self-guided learning work in unison, in a way that is both inspiring and challenging.

This is an opportunity for children to extend and deepen the way they have worked throughout their time at the school.

In addition to group projects, children are encouraged to identify and explore their own goals and interests. They devise and complete their own personal projects, supported and advised by teachers and parents. Homework is introduced in the form of self-directed learning to extend project work.

Children consolidate the skills that they will need in their next steps – gaining mastery in communication and maths, along with self-motivation, collaboration, independence, time-management and a strong sense of themselves in the wider world.

Children are not required to sit SATs tests in Year 6. Instead, we ask our children to undertake CATs (Cognitive Ability Tests), which many will need to take on entry to secondary school. We do this in a relaxed, supportive way to help prepare them for the experience ahead. These tests are not related to curriculum or learning but help give children an understanding of their own unique cognitive strengths and challenges.

“Everyone's point of view matters and is acknowledged. There is a sense of equality, community and inclusion and those values are passed to children in a natural way.”

Anonymous staff survey