A huge ‘thank you’ to Francis’ mummy, Barbara, who kindly shared her artistic skills and offered to show the children the techniques of felting to create animal masks. It was fabulous to see the transformation through the stages and begin to think how we might move differently when we’re changed into another creature. Mishkalah and Francis handled a huge bundle of fleece and, deciding it looked like smoke, immediately began building a cannon incorporating the fleece with the wooden blocks. ‘The king is firing the cannon’ (Francis), ‘The dragon is breathing green flames’ (Mishkalah), with a tessellation shape to represent them.

Habitats featured highly after Mimi brought in a woodlouse. What did it eat? What could we make to keep it in? Leaves were gathered, and when we placed it on the overhead projector it transformed into a giant creature finding its way around its new home! Pinecones, with a touch of paint and glitter, became bald eagles with more natural materials for its nest. The wooden blocks became a zoo with separate compartments to house each of the animals, and rather surprising visitor…‘The queen is visiting the zoo!’