CAW, CAW, CAW… What birds did you see? After listening to the beautiful bird songs and seeing how many birds we knew it was time to see if our feathered friends were enticed to the bird feeders. Two birds landed on the school’s roof when their keen eyes had spotted the tasty treats, our eyes widened to see where they would go. We found out that they preferred to try when it was quieter and still flew up high quickly is response to any sudden movement from us.

Thinking about what we would like to see if we could fly up high, various confident answers came flooding back ‘Halloween’, ‘Tiger’s cub’, ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Pigs!’.

On Thursday, it was time for some treats as Mimi brought in cakes she had made herself to share with everyone to celebrate her birthday. Unlike the cautious birds, the children were eagerly flocking to taste the yummie cakes!