It’s been lovely this week to share in the efforts and creativity of our children at their project exhibitions and at the Winter Assembly. How apt that we called our little gathering ‘a Celebration of Light’. In these cold, dark and wintery days, it was very clear to me that our children bring the brightest light of all. In case anyone missed out, here is a selection of poems for you to enjoy. Wishing you all a restful and joyous festive season. Sarah


Stars, by Gabriel

Star you are

A star


Blazing like a big ball of fire

In the sky

Burning on, right through the night

Grooving, moving through the night

As bright as

A torch light

Like a little ballet in the sky


Star you are, by Luca

A glowing companion

A signal of light and day

A ball of plasma that

Will guide you on your way

Each unique and different

none are the same

A shooting star, you cast a wish

And see if it comes true

In the day they go away

But one we call the sun

In the night they all wake up

and twinkle in the night.


Star you are, by Jai

A bright orb in the sky

A hot ball of gas

Wrapped in a blanket of darkness

A powerful source of light in blackness

You are a beautiful blazing light

Dazzling everyone

You are a god

Guiding us through the night

Yes, you are a glowing ball of hope

You are a glittering star

And we worship you through and through


Middle Years class poem




Bursting through the darkness

Like a Patronus


Your soul burns

like a fire



Our love shines light


Inside us




The artwork of friendship