Inspired by the snow, last Wednesday we decided to write some poetry about the late winter magic that had swept across the country! Here are some extracts from our work created under the shared title ‘A Crystal Palace’:

‘Beautiful, admirable, you stare, transfixed, at the majestic white landscape’ (Henry Y3)

‘The children have sweet dreams, all about the snow queen, as she makes her kingdom strong’ (Rosemary Y2)

‘The dazzling, dreamy breeze, lands gently on the pure white ground’ (Jacobi Y3)

‘Delicate and pure, the snow falls to the ground, in the winter wonder land’ (Edie Y3)

‘Icicles dropping from the trees, frost covering the leaves’ (Marla Y3)

‘The silhouettes of trees on the snow white ground, crystals sprinkling over the land, the snow queen shares her magic, the elegance of nature’ (Sophie Y3)

‘Icicles stabbing into the ground, silent and stealthy, piercing the land’ (Edward Y3)