We couldn’t help but notice the beautiful frosty morning on Wednesday. Enchanted by the frozen landscape outside, we went for a walk around the Pells Pond. Inspired by the magic around us, we sat together and wrote a collection of poems. We thought we’d share some highlights from our work with you. Here is a selection of lines from our poems:

A robin singing, in the cold breeze (Edgar);

Frozen puddles, reflecting light like a mirror (Jai);

Transparent ice, freezing over night (Gabriel);

Frosty trees glowing like lights (Henry);

Leaves encased in ice, like crystals (Dash);

Walking with footsteps behind you (Dylan); Blades of grass, popping and cracking beneath you (collaborative);

Twinkling trees, in the magical light (Dash);

Birds song, tweeting and twittering (Dash);

Pale (Gabriel);

misty skies (Nick).

Book Club: Well done to everybody for a much improved week with Book Club! Almost everyone prepared and arrived on time and it made such a big difference! Thank you parents, for supporting this! Please help your child to choose a different focus each week when they prepare. Possible choices include: character, setting, narrative, use of language/ choice of words, description, emotion, reflection/ opinion (what you think/ feel about the extract you are reading), comparison (to other texts, or everyday life), use of illustrations, the theme of a story, inference (reading between the lines, noticing what is being implied), use of punctuation, fascinating facts, and new discoveries – alongside many other options, the possibilities are endless!