I am delighted to write that our interview process on Tuesday was successful. Thank you to all those that took part and enabled us to show the candidates what a great place this is to play, learn and work. Craig Sullivan was delighted when I phoned him on Tuesday evening and was very keen to accept our offer to work with us at LNS in September. We will be organising for Craig to come into school next term to meet children and parents so watch this space.

As some of you may have noticed, the blocks are no longer on the playground. I temporarily removed them while we as a staff team spoke to the children about how they were being treated. I have now talked to the children about the blocks and playtime in general and have put a team of children together who would like to work with me to make both our playground and our playtimes a more friendly, fun and safe place. If there are any parents out there who would like to join us think and plan how we do this then please let me know.

When I put the blocks away I realised how many of them were broken and needed fixing. Alaric (Year 1) and his Dad Benjamin suggested that a group of parents and children could help fix them one afternoon after school. YES PLEASE was my answer. So if you could come and help us fix the blocks that would be wonderful and they can then safely go back out onto the playground. We’ll be doing this on Wednesday 14th June at 8.30am. Please join us!

Sadly John, our Caretaker, has decided that he needs to focus on other things in his life and so will be leaving LNS at the end of the summer. Do you know anyone who would like to help us in school fixing drains, repairing shelves, painting and decorating our lovely school? If so, please let Mandi or Sarah know or ask them to phone the office for an application form.