This week we have been exploring different ways of creating and capturing a story. We started the week using Charlie’s story dice. In small groups we had to create a story from the pictures on the dice. Here’s a couple for you to enjoy…

One day a mad, mad scientist created a machine that made anyone have X-ray vision, but it went wrong and turned everyone into skeletons. They blasted into space, into the zone. They discovered they had new super powers – they were elastic! The End.

A friendly alien met an elastic body and the planet they were on had a gas cloud explosion. The End.

Later in the week we explored making shadow puppets to create a story. Working in pairs we moved objects in front of the projector light, making up the story as we went along – We met up one day, ” Hello, what’s your name?” “Sparkles, what’s your name?” “Rainbow Dash. Let’s go play.” “Play, play, play, play, play. Juuuummmmp, juuuuuuump, juuuuuuuump.” ” And we went home, “Oh, I’m tired now. Let’s go home to bed.” The End.

“He flied into space…he died cos there was a comet and it crashed on his ship and landed in his face. And that’s not good!” The End.

Alongside this we have been practicing counting in 2’s and 10’s, have started to learn the lyrics to a number of winter related songs, and have made a list of the activities we would like to do over the next two weeks.