This week we’ve been learning about capacity and how to read scales – to help us record and review our smoothie sales. So far we’ve raised £66 and counting! We are using our addition and subtraction methods to help us calculate our profit after taking into account our expenses. We are aiming to reach £150 before Christmas. We’d like to purchase lab coats, goggles, a laser thermometer and data logger to use during experiments, ready for 2018!

We are analysing our data to find out which smoothies are the most popular; Nutty Beer is still a firm favourite (banana, peanut butter and soya milk). If you haven’t tried it, be sure to give it a go next Thursday! Alongside reviewing our smoothie sales we are also thinking about diversifying and opening up some additional fundraising channels to help us reach our target.

Finally, whilst the children at Hogwarts are busy playing quidditch, we’ve been busy playing hockey, developing amazing slide passes. We’ve started to play mini-games and are lighting up the pitch with our tackling skills!