Time had finally come… Time to go on our adventure to the castle! There was so much to see and do, a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who came and made it very special. I did forget to mention to the organisers that Mishkalah wanted to build a real trebuchet and test it on the castle… I think it might have taken them by surprise (which, of course, is an ideal form of attack!) As we walked to the castle, Obi asked why there wasn’t a flag flying on the castle. We gave our responses, but Obi had already connected to the idea of raising the flag when being resident and explained it was because no one lived there.

Exploring the historical artefacts, touring around the castle and trying on the armour really helped to bring the past to life. It was fascinating to see the children aligning their own little fingers with the centuries old finger imprints on the tiles they held. After a half-term break we will be holding our own banquet (coffee-morning).