It’s been a busy week in Later Years this week after the snow days last week!

We’ve been looking at how to break down word problems in Maths, thinking about which operations are necessary and then which calculations to use, as well as how to check our answers using the inverse operation.

In Communication, we have been continuing with writing our own Myths linked to our Heroes/ Heroines project. Listening to and reading traditional myths has helped us with structuring our work and planning our ideas out as well as thinking about how there is often a ‘moral’ to the myth. We have also been completing our portrait and biography work on our chosen heroes/ heroines. Come and have a look at our display in class!

In our Project work we have been evaluating our progress so far and looking at our original mind map from the beginning of the project to look at what we have covered and what we might do next. On 14th March are visiting Lewes Fire Station to interview and get a behind the scenes look at our community heroes.