Heather showed us a Nasa spaceship shuttle launch. It showed the launch, the shuttle separating from rocket, weightless astronauts and eventually the shuttle landing back down to earth.

This prompted the question, ‘Who’d like to be an astronaut, and why?’ Lucius did, because he would float, Sammy did, because you could see the earth from space. Wilfie and Nevaeh didn’t want to go to space because it was far away and thought it might be lonely. With this fresh in our minds, some of us went straight to the design table and started to draw rockets. The rest of us started finding recycled materials to make model rockets. Rex used orange tissue paper for fire coming from launch engines. Charlie twisted up masking tape to create the illusion of smoke. We made a gallery for pictures and hung rockets up.

On Wednesday, we went to Phoenix Place to see a large rocket outside some artists’ workshops. On the way, we tried to predict what the surprise discovery could be… “A soft toy” (Katie), “a sharp, flying knife” (Wilfie), “a huge granny smith apple” (Bobby’s Dad), “a magic carpet” (Sammy). Seeing the rocket prompted questions: Is it real? Has it been to space? How many astronauts can fit in it? How many LNS children can fit in it? Charlie didn’t think it was a real rocket, because it was too small and thought it needed to be made of different material.

Back in the classroom we listened to the Moon Song, and looked at how to draw a rocket on the iPad. We role-played being an astronaut and getting all our equipment on (oxygen, mask, boots, special suit) and mimicked weightlessness and also what planets we could see. We also talked about Lucius’ control car and how special remote vehicles collect samples from planets. Lucius and Nevaeh thought they collected rocks and earth, “to see if there’s any life”, said Rex. Most people thought there was life out there except Wilfie, who thinks we’re alone.

Finally, some of us had a go at making a miniature rocket from rolls and circles, then later in the week we painted 2 large boxes that we are going make into rockets to use in our role-play – space adventures, here we come!