Since starting the term we have made our first tapestry image. Etta lets the story unfold: ‘This is a princess on a horse and a prince and they’re picking flowers on their way to the castle’. Francis and Obi explain their knowledge, looking at the Bayeux tapestry: ‘This is Edward and that’s King Harold’. Noticing features of the castle: ‘Arrows can fire out, but they can’t fire in’. The fabulous castle that Lauren brought in inspired many exciting ideas.

Soon, blue acetate was surrounding it for the moat and, as imaginations ran wild, a selection of water creatures were soon added. A huge thank you to James Orchard who kindly brought in a trebuchet that he had built to let the younger children see. Inspired, we have built a mini model and practiced the moves that replicate the motion.

You may have guessed, but we’re planning an outing to Lewes Castle! A letter will follow soon.