A busy and full term has culminated this week in invitations to four wonderful exhibitions (Early Years, Years 3&4 and Years 5&6 and then Year 6). These exhibitions are themselves a culmination of many weeks of hard work. Throughout the projects the children work to become effective learners developing skills and mindsets that will enable them to lead fulfilling lives e.g. Initiative, perseverance, collaboration, independence.

It was interesting to note the development through the school of increasingly complex thinking and skills. I was particularly struck by the craftsmanship on view throughout the school with some amazing 3D models and paintings. Talking to children as I went around they demonstrated an ability to speak with confidence, and ideas were presented through a wide variety of media and spanned across disciplines.

In addition, I was impressed with the way the children shared their work in a respectful and authentic way. But the thing I was really delighted with was the excitement, pride and enthusiasm shown by the children for the work they had done. That really is something to celebrate. Time to rest now – wishing you a very happy festive break. Linda