This week we’ve discovered that chemistry is about learning about substances and how they can combine to create new substances. We’ve also been learning about the importance of having just one variable (or ‘change’) in an experiment at a time, to ensure that we are carrying out a fair test and that we can achieve as accurate results as possible.

Launching ‘The Great Cookie Experiment’ under the guidance of resident scientist Lydia (Nick Y4 & Katie Y1), we prepared a batch of basic cookie dough. We divided this batch of dough into four portions and introduced one variable to three portions, keeping one portion as a ‘control’ to compare our results against.

The results were really interesting, the first batch with extra sugar in it was rock solid and did not taste as sweet as we thought it might. Batch two with extra flour had a fluffy texture and was much thicker than the other cookies. Batch three with extra butter was very thin, smooth and soft, whilst the control cookie batch with the basic recipe was crunchy, golden and had the texture of a biscuit.

It was amazing to see how different the results were by simply adding one change to our recipe! We paused to think of potions class in Harry Potter and the fun the children at Hogwarts have making their concoctions! HUGE THANKS to Lydia for all her help and support with our science work!