This week saw 6 children from Later Years take part in the first Cross Country event of the year. 1.6km of muddy terrain tested their resilience and stamina but everyone finished the race – so a big ‘well done’ to Raven, Ollie, Moses, Gabriel, Luca and Jonah!

In our Communication work we have been examining pieces of art by Vincent Van Gogh that focus on stars and the night sky such as ‘Stars over the River Rhone’. We have used a thesaurus and our own personal word banks to find ways of describing stars and starlight using adjectives and personification such as: ‘You are a shining compass’ (Henry), ‘You are a spiky shimmering crystal’ (Edgar), ‘You are a hot ball of gas wrapped in a blanket of darkness’ (Jai) and, ‘You are a ball of diamonds in the sky’ (Nick).

In our Maths work we have continued to refine our naming and measuring of angles as well as using what we know about angles to calculate unknown angles eg; knowing that all angles on a straight line should add up to 180 degrees. If you would like to practice with your child at home the following link is very useful and fun

Year 6 children have now completed their chassis using foam board and have painted them. The robotic cart is all but assembled and now we are learning to pair that with the remote control over Wifi. We have been detailing the process of creating from scale drawings to making a prototype and in the next few weeks we’ll be tweaking the design as part of the design lifecycle.