Decorating shoeboxes

Much of our week has been spent working on creating habitats and habitat related art. We shared the shoebox habitats some of the group had made last week. We had a discussion around what we thought each habitat might be e.g. jungle, forest etc and then thought of ideas for what we would do if it were our shoebox. Amanda then asked us to help her design her rainforest shoebox habitat – you could paint it green, make small plasticine trees to go in it, you could draw or paint a picture of trees to go on the back to make it look as if things are coming out of it.  With these thoughts buzzing around their heads some of the group continued to work on their plasticine models. Some members of the group have continued to rework and rebuild their wooden block trees.

Later in the week we worked together to plan a large piece of artwork to represent the arctic/Antarctic. Ideas included: polar bears, snowy hills and beluga whales; making an ice cube and snowy mountains; we could dress up and do a show; we could get air conditioning and make it feel like the arctic; we could do big art for the pictures, use white glitter for the snow, fake snow and a fan so it snows; fake snow coming down from the mountain; we might need sewing equipment for the costumes, we could get a fan to blow feathers, or white sand, like snow; we could make one less polar bear and dress me up; we can dress up or we can make animals out of playdoug;. I think we should make the fake snow out of feathers. How about PVA glue and resin for the icebergs?

We put all of these ideas on hold awhile to have our music session with Ali. She taught us another Swahili song, ‘Jambo’, and a song from Ghana ‘A yele mama yele oh’. We also learnt how to sign ‘Have you seen a crocodile?’ which we used to tell a story. We used claves to make the sound of a crocodile snapping.

Before creating our arctic/antarctic backdrop, Amanda reminded us of the squirt and roll technique we used when making the large underwater backdrops last year –it’s a lot of fun and much quicker than painting with a paintbrush!