Using Eric Carle’s ‘The Tiny Seed’ as a starting point, we began to explore the lifecycle of a seed. A seed needs the right conditions for it to grow, enough (but not too much) water, food and sunlight. We went on to look at a variety of different shaped and sized seeds (and bulbs) thinking about what each one might grow into. One bulb looked like it had a unicorn horn growing out of it, so Amanda thought this might grow into a magical, mythical, unicorn tree… Having grown them before, Sammy knew it was a hyacinth bulb! Using our imaginations we thought about what else the seeds might grow into: A rose (Nevaeh), a unicorn (Oona), a transformer (Wilfie), maybe a sunflower (Charlie). This was a hyacinth bulb. Lucius though nasturtium seeds might grow into nuts, Franka thought basil seeds might grow into ants! Looking at chilli seeds, inspired Dahlan to think of cashew nuts, Noah of lily pads and Joey of a tree with normal leaves on (but just round ones). Lavender seeds looked to Katie like they’d grow into Red Roses, and to Rex like they’d become ‘every spy thing in the world!’

Afterwards we used the water colours to paint what might grow from the seed, and most of us chose to paint a picture of a plant. We have planted the seeds to see what they actually grow into.

Also this week we have practiced: writing numerals, counting in 10’s, using scissors to develop hand-eye coordination, re-enacting the song of Puff the Magic Dragon and the story of Jack and the Meanstalk, and we did some amazing writing in our mark-making books to describe our 3D models. Our work is displayed in the classroom so come and have a look.