Nebulas have continued to interest and excite us this week. We’ve made nebulas and rockets using wooden shapes, and we’ve been thinking about and writing about them in our mark making books. We asked, ‘what is a nebula?’ and wrote at least one fact or piece of information we have learnt. We also wrote down what else we would like to learn about space. Then we made sparkly galaxy play dough and used it to have a dough disco! (You can find it on YouTube – it helps to develop muscle strength in the fingers, which will help with writing too!)

The children’s highlights of the week: Seeing a house on wheels and making a new animal (Sammy, when Heather was here); drawing a giant nebula (Frankie); making a nebula in a bottle (Oona, who also said she liked the sparkles); drawing monsters (Charlie); talking about nebulas and drawing picture of nebulas using chalk pastels (Joey); making a Christmas tree by pinching clay in the workshops (Rex); making a rocket (Wilfie, who made his rocket a few weeks ago but it’s still his highlight!); feeling proud of writing nebula facts (Lucius); drawing (Bobby); drawing the nebula (Nevaeh); doing puzzles and drawing nebulas (Katie).