Communication and sustainability are key development objectives for the school this year. We’re looking at how we communicate what we do – both to our current families about the incredible array of learning that’s happening here on a daily basis, and to the wider community and prospective families about the quality of our approach. We’re looking at sustainability, in terms both of our business model (we’ll be asking for your thoughts on this at the Whole School Meeting on 20th Feb) and our commitment to the environment.

For any organisation, just like for any individual, sometimes learning and development happens in small increments and sometimes in bigger leaps. Right now, we’re consolidating, reflecting and refining. One small change we’ve been considering is to make this Friday Letter an E-Newsletter. We print up copies for every family each week but many don’t make it out of the classroom (or the playground!). We know from your feedback that many of you do love to receive a paper copy to put on your fridge so we won’t be doing away with it entirely – look out for a new holder on the wall near the gate and help yourself before you leave. We’ll keep an eye on how many copies get taken home and print up enough accordingly. Sounds like a plan! Let us know how it goes for you. Sarah