I did the original play workshop that was held at the school at the weekend. The teacher Fred Donaldson has learnt about the power of play from playing with animals – wolves, a lynx, lions and thousands and thousands of children. The workshop was about strengthening our loving connection with each other and our children but much more. I learnt how pushing against takes so much energy and can destroy, and how really inviting and embracing the energy that comes toward us makes us ready to play with it with creativity. Allowing and embracing what’s happening makes us tremendously resourceful. Coming from love rather than from fear makes us unstoppable. I chaired my first governor’s meeting this week, which after a few months of being in transition, I think officially makes me the chair of the governors. I feel really honoured to play this role and deeply hope to be able to serve the school, our children and community and all those who look to us to learn about what education for a changing world can be.
Last night I saw this video on facebook about putting ‘school’ in the dock: (https://www.facebook.com/viralthread/videos/569410533248648/) It’s great, but I was really proud that we’ve moved past the stage of fighting the old system, we’re creating the new – with all the courage, commitment, creativity and resourcefulness that takes and we are doing it together. Thank you all. I am in school on Mondays and Fridays if you’d like a chat or please email me any time una@seanwilliams.co.uk Una