Polygons you say? Indeed, we have been shaping up in Middle Years getting to grips with 2D shapes and all their names and properties. The children have become great shape detectives and with super observation skills can spot a polygon a mile off. So why isn’t a semi-circle a polygon? Just ask your children, I’m sure they can help.

Talking of helpful, we had a look at suffixes and prefixes and I believe you won’t disagree, they pretty useful. On a more artistic note, we had a look at Sonia Delaunay and her use of brilliant colours and circles, circles everywhere. We went on a hunt for round things to have our own circle exploration in paint.

And, of course, talking of round, we threw ourselves into rounders this week. We have started off with kickball (similar to rounders) and will graduate to a smaller ball and a bat as we head towards the end of term.