Last week in Assembly we shared our posters interpreting the LNS Learner Profile. We have been exploring the language used in the profile and asking ourselves, ‘What does it mean?’. ‘What would we see, hear, feel in school if these qualities were being displayed?’ We have annotated illustrations depicting elements of the profile such as creativity, strategic thinking, resilience, mindfulness, questioning, being explorative and being an effective communicator, in order for us to recognise and celebrate when these life skills are demonstrated.

We are developing our creative writing through our robot stories in Communication work. We are exploring themes where fictional robots are programmed in a way that may conflict with the 3 Laws of Robotics. This has linked well to the discussion we had about the viability of automated cars and how to program them in the event of an accident.

In our maths work we have been exploring angles, naming and measuring them using a protractor. We have also been examining the number four and practising the 4x tables. In preparation for looking at the number 5 next week you may find this link useful for fun ways to explore number. Car journeys are also a great way to fire up the synapses with a little revision!

In our Robotics project, we have started to make our robots using our designs as a base. We are using our skills of measuring scale drawings, cutting using Stanley knives safely, and evaluating the components that are necessary to make our designs into robots; ACT (Act, Sense and Think).

Thanks to Gabriel, who ran a very interesting workshop last Thursday for Years 4 and 5 on the subject of Hebrew. We learned about the Hebrew alphabet, how to read it right to left and how to pronounce some of the letters, and we listened to Gabriel’s re-telling of the story of Abraham.