Explore theory of evolution

This week in Later Years, children in Y4, 5 & 6 took part in their last two matches of this year’s Lewes schools’ football league. Our players worked really well together but the other teams were more experienced and gave us something to aim for next year. Spirits were high and we managed to sneak in a photo with us all holding the football cup when no one was watching!! (See attached photo). 

In collaborative projects we have been exploring the theories of evolution from creationism to Charles Darwin. We have looked at how Darwin founded his theory of Natural Selection and Adaptation of nature in order to survive. This has led us to studying animals that exist now that have had to adapt to avoid extinction.

The Y6s learned much from their enterprise endeavours last week, and they worked efficiently and profitably this week. The combined elements of presentation and aromas enticed generous customers to part with their money to raise money for PATINA- thank you to everyone who shopped and delighted in what was on offer – we’ll be back next Thursday so bring your pocket money one and all!

You have probably heard that we have been looking at angles. Angles on paper that we can draw as well as angles that exist in the world we live in. When you share (and I know, it can be hard) a pizza with your brother or sister or even brother and sister you have to be able to divide 360 so that everyone gets an equal share. You do not do this with a protractor. You look and see that it happens with your eyes and your incredibly complex brain. Near Lewes is the town of Seaford and one parent has reminded me that there is a location not far from the Martello Tower (pictured) that has a place names marked so that you can see what angle you are travelling along to get to other parts of the world. Perhaps if you are out you might consider the direction you are following if you are geocaching this weekend? Or the angles being played in a football match when your team is defending against a corner kick?