Following footprints

‘Stomp, stomp, stomp’… we used the toy dinosaurs and elephants to create footprints by pressing them into the modelling clay, then Mimi placed two together and said ‘They’re kissing!’ Looking for more signs and imprints, we ventured to the park. Twigs and branches were swung all around and through the air. ‘It’s the monsters footprints!’ ‘I’ve found the Emu’s eggs!’ ‘Look, look this is where they are… it’s their nest!’ ‘Follow me, follow me!’ Nevaeh dragged a branch through the leaves creating a trail pattern. As we came across a muddy patch near the swings, an excited chorus could be heard shouting ‘I’ve found more footprints!’ What week of discovery! Just want to wish ones who are poorly a speedy recovery! Have a great weekend from the nursery team.