Little did we know when Evie brought her Backgammon set to school on Monday that the game dated back to 3000 BC! It originated from ‘The Burnt City’ in Persia, former Iran (a claim supported by the finding of very early dice made from human bones). After setting out to find out what we liked and enjoyed in a range of board games this week there was widespread consensus that ‘tricky’ games were the best, those that gave you a ‘chance to win and lose’. Following on from our research we’ve started to design our own exciting games, drawing on our favourite things. It was impressive to see everyone concentrate with such focus, interest, intrigue and ambition as they played together and shared ideas.

Inspired by Jacobi’s Harry Potter game, we decided we’d like to learn more about science, and carry out some of our own experiments like the children in Hogwart’s potion classes. After hearing about the up and coming STEM lab, we’re keen to support the new LNS science hub! We’ve planned to get involved and raise funds to help it get off to a good start. We hope to interview the team involved in organising the lab next week, to find out how we can best support them! Updates to follow soon!