The beginning of the week started by finishing off the art installation for the Elderflower Field Festival. We were all excited to see if glow in the dark pebbles actually work. We made a dark, dark den by covering one of the gym tables with layers of fabric and then we each chose a pebble to ‘charge up’ in the sunlight (we were worried they may not charge as it wasn’t very sunny!). While we were waiting we finished constructing the giant lily pad. After speaking to Caroline (So Sussex) we opted to use duck tape to adhere the CDs together. After carefully unreeling the tape and laying it in place, a number of us carefully walked along the taped lines to ‘really’ make the tape stick to the CDs. Even though the sun was not shining the pebbles still charged up. We were surprised to discover that some of the pebbles glowed a different colour to the colour of the pebble, but most of all we were exited that they actually worked!  We stuck them into the water lillies, the end result was ‘glowy and shiny’ (Sophie). To finish off the installation we made a few giant dragonflies, they looked super cool!

To end the week we have been thinking about our next project. We have decided to choose a country that interests us and then find out about what it would be like to live there e.g. Music, food, clothes, language, history etc.  We are going to start by making flags.