Hola. Qué tal?’ We have been dipping into Spanish for the second week now and have learned several greetings, which has been ‘excelente’. It was sad to have our last game of basketball on Thursday, but we had a fast-paced match (and this guy called Steph Curry muscled in, but we soon out ran him!) It all went ‘muy bien’.

Talking of sad things, we learned that the school will be closing so reflected, as a class, on our time at LNS. We thought about how many years we had been here, and our favourite memories: ‘Sitting in the blue paddling pool with Edie’ (Marla), ‘Seeing Sophie for the first time in her black skirt and sparkly jumper’ (Gabriel). We shared the things we loved and will really miss: ‘Our friends, the teachers, not wearing a uniform’ (Rosemary). ‘Gracias,’ LNS. But, every cloud has a silver lining and even though it felt a little sad, there are things to look forward to in this new chapter ahead. Some of us will go to new schools and all of us will meet new friends and have many new adventures …’Hasta pronto….’