We have been learning and refining our IT skills using the laptops and computers for different purposes. In our Communication work we have been using Power Point to design story planners, thinking about all the different tools we can use to guide us in our thinking. We have also been developing our research skills, using the internet and thinking about how we ask questions to get the best results and how to filter and cross-reference information according to our needs.

In our Maths work we have been examining methods of calculation for addition and subtraction, comparing and exploring different strategies with increasing difficulty, as well as revising our knowledge of number bonds. Any practice with this at home would be greatly appreciated.

It has been our first week of student led Book and Maths club. It has been very successful, with a wide range of interesting and thought-provoking maths puzzles and literary genres. Next week the clubs will be teacher led, so the children need not prepare.

Our Robotics projects continue and this week we have been refining independent research skills. The science & D.T. component this week has involved creating a buzzer game out of wire, a battery and a buzzer, based on a small wooden board. This has helped take the theory of what makes an electrical circuit into concrete practice, as well as combining design and technology elements and using simple tools.

With next week’s university visit in the air it would be great if parents could talk through the subject of robotics and how they may influence our future lives in terms of employment, ethics etc., with a view to asking questions on Monday at the University.