This week we’ve been continuing with our independent learning projects. Our interest in non-fiction has infiltrated into Book Club, as several of us decided to reflect on factual information instead of stories.

We were all taken aback by a section on digestion in a science book, that reminded us just how amazing our bodies are. We learnt about the symbiotic relationship we have with microbes, as they help us to digest our food (and thus help keep us alive), and in return receive warmth and food. Interestingly, we learnt that bowel movements are not just made up of undigested food, but also up to fifty percent dead microbes!! We all said thank you to our microbes for the amazing work they do for us, day after day. Some of us think that going to the toilet will never be the same again after reading all this!! Moses and Gabriel (who brought all this to our attention) thought that we should really be saying thank you to every number that two we have!! We wish you all a great half term break!!