This term we’ve launched our own independent writing projects, using the skills we developed during our collaborative writing project last term. Clare has been sooo impressed by our first drafts! Here are a few exciting extracts: 

‘Mary had a reputation for being a detective. For instance, the mystery of Dad’s missing slippers: she was the only one who could find them under Dad’s bed, which led to the mystery of Dad’s missing socks.’ (Rosemary);

‘Ginny Bramble got out of the taxi, “Oak Leaf House at last” she said. She had hardly reached the front door when it burst right open…’ (Sophie); 

‘Far, far away in the land of Avantia, Jacobi and Henry were fighting Ash the Dragon. Henry was shooting arrows at the dragon’s armour-plated skin, but the arrows were simply bouncing back’ (Jacobi); 

‘Crash! A red knight thundered out of the bushes. Storm reared and Tom drew his sword…’ (Edward);

‘Ava snuggled down in bed ready to listen to her mum read The Legend of the Enchanted Forest…’ (Bay). 

We hope you have enjoyed our extracts! We are so enjoying listening to each other’s projects develop.