Interviewing a Professor

It’s been a busy week after the holidays for Later Years as they prepared and revised ready for their Open House on Thursday afternoon.

In Maths work we revised and consolidated our knowledge of written methods in multiplication, division and BODMAS.

In Communication work we practiced our work in certain spelling rules, using connectives in sentences, and edited our creation stories to share with parents and peers. We were also refining our editing skills with various films we have made connected to our project on Evolution, adding music and special effects with the help of iMovie.

On Monday we interviewed a professor who specialised in evolution and theology. We asked some very thought provoking questions that explored both creation and Darwinian theories, and received some very interesting answers that challenged our own thinking about how science and religion don’t always have to be in opposition. It was a perfect end our project, thinking about how far the human race has come and about possible challenges that may make us adapt to survive our future!

Thank you to all who managed to come to the Open House, there was an exciting and vibrant atmosphere in class as children shared all their learning.

Anne-Marie, Ian, Louise & Ondine