We continued our work on capacity this week by examining ml and l scales on measuring jugs, noticing the different intervals used between number jumps. In groups, we gathered a range of containers from teapots to saucepans and worked out the best way to fill, estimate and measure accurately without too much spillage!

We have also brought out our personal Guinness Book of Records to help with our times tables. We will make cards games to help us learn them ‘quick as a flick’.

In PE this week, we continued with our tennis skills and enjoyed getting the big net out. In Athletics, the topic this week was jumping over obstacles to help with events like hurdles. We played games such as ‘Horse of the Year’ and other obstacle races to think about and practise our stride pattern. The Elderflower Fields Art project continued with a lily pad template and using Henry’s dragonfly as a prototype for pond life ideas. Please dig out any old CDs (we still need lots more) and 2 litre (or larger) clear plastic bottles. Thank you.

Sharing of work: Years 3 and 4 would like to invite you to come and view their work from their ‘Independence Project’ on Tuesday 16th May at 2. 45 – 3.30 pm. Please come, we are really looking forward to sharing it with you!

Clare & Heather