Learning to tell time

This week we finalised the theme of our project – Animal habitats and behaviour. We have each chosen an animal to study and have spent the week researching where these animals live on earth. We will be looking at the similarities and differences between the animals we are researching and will look at how animal families differ from our own. We revisited the Circles for Learning session we had with John and his son Ezra last year in preparation for them coming in next week. We are eager to see how much Ezra has grown since we last met him. Alongside this we have been learning how to tell the time by making our own clock and playing games like ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ and ‘Tell the Time lotto’.

On reflection some of this weeks highlights include: “Doing research about the lizards and snakes and answering the question – where do animals live? And, what type of habitat is that? And watching the videos of the cute animals in their habitat.” “Drawing lego monkeys.” “Learning about microscopes and microscopic images.” “Making a play-dough habitat for my play-dough panda.”

“Researching where wolves lives and learning how to change the font size on the computer.” “Doing the maths sheets and learning the time.” “Researching about polar bears by searching for them on the computer.”