Facial expressions

One of the questions that arose last week from our Circles for Learning session with John and Ezra was, “How will we know if Ezra doesn’t want to be filmed?”

To follow up on this line of inquiry, this week we have been exploring how people express how they are feeling through their facial expressions and body language. We looked at a variety of images depicting children in different situations and answered the questions, “How do you think they are feeling?” and, “Why do you think they are feeling that way?”

We learnt that some emotions are easy to recognize, like happy and sad. However some are more difficult to define e.g. confused, worried, surprised, scared, excited. One interesting comment that came from the discussion was that when someone is crying it doesn’t necessarily mean they are sad, “Some people cry when they are happy!” We explored how we would know happy tears from sad tears, “When someone is crying because they are happy they are usually smiling.”

One of the highlights of our week has been starting to read ‘Gangtsa Granny’, by David Walliams. Within the first few pages we discovered the main character in the story, an 11 year old boy called Ben, really didn’t like going to stay with his granny every Friday night for a variety of reasons including her TV not working, the fact that all she does is play Scrabble, she smells of cabbage and she doesn’t acknowledge when her bottom squeaks, which is quite frequently!! The group were outraged that Ben didn’t like staying with his granny and expressed this as a chorus of we like our grandparents. We explored this further to discover that what makes our grandparents fun to be with is that they have a different way of looking after us than our parents. It often involves being given a treat of some kind: watching TV, sweets, eating on the sofa, going on outings, playing on the computer.

We are going to change the books in our book bags on a Friday afternoon. Please make sure your child’s book bag is in school for that day. The book bag box is kept under the snack box table. All book bags need to be put in there. Thank you.