Learning to structure story

Rex, Jacobi and Henry volunteered to write this week’s Friday letter. They took it in turns to type a word document (with support from Holly who helped with grammar and spelling) on the computer. I liked playing with Lego and writing my story (Rex); I liked doing snakes vs iguana performance with Edward and Henry. Also, I liked learning to tell the time because it was fun to make my own clock (Jacobi); I really enjoyed doing the animations because I have never done it before (Henry). Inspired by Edward and Henry’s performance of David Attenborough’s, ‘Snakes vs Iguana’, we have taken to writing or narrating our own animal based stories. Rachel helped us to understand that stories have a structure to them: a beginning, middle and end. We also learnt it is important to set the scene, introduce the characters and make connections within, or keep the flow of, the narrative going to help the reading build the picture in their mind.

Many of us shared our work with the group. The feedback we received inspired us to join together to rework, or continue writing, our stories with new partners. Alaric, Jazz and Rex wrote about a monkey, wolf and red panda, who were captured but managed to escape from a vampire. Marla, Rosemary, Edie and Amanda, wrote about Shirley the shrinking microbe who came under attack from the white blood cells. Jacobi, Henry and Edward started writing a script to accompany their performance. This led Henry to exclaim, “I know, we could make an animation!”

Alongside this, we re-introduced Circles for Learning. Some of the questions that came up in the session with John and Ezra include, what can he (Ezra) do now? How do you train him? Do all babies get trained the same way? We will be meeting with John and Ezra once a month during the year to watch firsthand how Ezra is developing. In between times we will be exploring some of the questions that arise in the sessions.