Over the weekend Amanda looked at all of our project ideas and discovered they all come under the umbrella of Life, so that is going to be the theme of our new project. Following on from last week (The very Hungry Caterpillar), we revisited the lifecycle of a butterfly.

We learnt a number of new things: caterpillars can also be called butterfly larvae, when they hatch the first thing they eat is their shell. A cocoon is also referred to as a chrysalis, when the caterpillar is inside the chrysalis it is called a pupa. It takes about 2 weeks for the pupa to hatch from the chrysalis and when the butterfly emerges its wings are small and wet. The butterfly pumps fluid into its wings to make them grow and after a few hours the wings are strong enough for the butterfly to flutter away.

We went on to choose an animal whose lifecycle we want to research:
People, the first person – Rex 
Dinosaurs – Dahlan, Lucius 
Bunnies – Nevaeh, Franka  
Bulldogs – Charlie (Charlie changed his mind and wants to research tigers instead) 
Polar bears and snow owls – Katie (Katie wanted to swap to bunnies) 
Tigers – Wilfie  
Cows, how do they get milk? – Joey 
Bugs, the first bug – Sammy 
Alongside this, we have been checking our 1-2-1, and 1-2-2 phonemes-graphemes knowledge (letter names and the sounds they make) by playing a letter matching game with the alphabet tiles and using the alphabet snap to learn the sounds.
Also this week we have welcomed Noah to the group. We have been introducing him to some of our daily routines, for example what we use our Pebble Partners for, and helping him to learn about the general flow of our day