Our Lifecycle project is gradually coming to an end. Having observed this we have started to think about what we would like our next project to be. Some of our ideas are: artists, different schools (Sam), spies, the human body, flowers and robots (Joey), learning Kung Fu (Lucius), James Bond (Rex), arctic animals, any small little creatures (Katie), spies, flowers, ladybirds and ninjas (Nevaeh), art, spies (Franka), Spanish, sport and artist (Noah), spies Spanish, sports (Dahlan), ladybirds, seeds (Oona).

We hosted our first whole school assembly. We shared our knowledge of the lifecycle of a caterpillar, a frog and a mammal before going on to explain about our mystery seed experiment. Afterwards we reflected on what the experience was like for us: Assembly was fantastic (Sam), exciting (Nevaeh), a bit nervous (Noah), some us were a bit excited, shy, afraid, brave (Lucius), nice (Dahlan), frightening and scary (Franka), at the beginning a bit scared and shy but not after a while (Joey), happy and kind of nervous (Katie), I wasn’t any of those things. I was alright because I’ve done something like that before in assembly (Rex).

Alongside this we have been exploring ways of measuring and measurements. We have used the balance scales to explore units relating to weight e.g. grams and kilograms, ‘Whatever’s heavier goes down on the scales!’ We measured the length of our homemade breadstick with a ruler to discover how long they were in centimeters and we filled containers and measuring jugs with sand/water to learn about milliliters and litres. We also revisited describing and naming common geometric shapes. This led us to look at the artist Mondrian with Rachel who demonstrated how we could make interesting patterns using masking tape to create shapes.