We started the week by laying out all the floating CDs into a lily pad shape. We took it in turns to estimate how many CDs we had used, our guesses ranged from 31-170. To find the actual answer we each made a pile of 10 CDs, which we counted. Our lily pad was actually made up of 212 CDs!

As a group we thought about what animals could live on the lily pad, or around the pond. The list included: water boatman; dragon/caddies/mayflies; mosquitoes; bird nest; water snake; glow worm; fishing spider; frogs; ducks/ducklings; fish; pondweed; birds nests and algae. With these ideas fresh in our minds we set to work on making a 2d/ 3D representation of the animals we wanted to make.

In maths we have been exploring estimation and capacity by filling different sized containers to their capacity with a variety of objects before guessing how many objects are in the containers and then counting them out.