In Later Years this week, we have been writing different types of poems like Limericks, Kennings and Haiku.  Here is an example of a limerick by Loui:


There once was a man named Tim

who liked to go for a swim

One day there was a shark

which looked really dark

So now he just goes to the gym!


Kennings are poems from Norse tradition that describe an object without naming it. Here is an example of Kennings by Kaziah. Can you guess what it is?


Wisdom knocker

Gap monster

Food muncher

White chatters

Dirt producer

Pillow fairies

Canine biter

Food swallower

Smile shower

Plaque builder


A Haiku poem is Japanese and uses a structure of 3 lines. The first and third lines need to use 5 syllables and the second line needs to be seven syllables. Here is an example of a Haiku by Raven:


Horse running through fields

Grass flying behind their backs

Manes blowing like wind


Hooves stomping on earth

They lie down to rest their eyes

They will keep running


Also, the Y6s have almost finished their very secret play script and will start making their PATINA costumes. The Y5s have been doing art with Joanna and Louise – have been doing leaf pressing, creating prints using the natural dyes and oils in fresh leaves. The year 5s have also been cooking and making the most delicious Spanish food with Nuria (Ernest’s Mum).

Loui (Y6)