It has been quite an amazing week in many ways. After Linda and I shared the news of Linda’s change in role with the children on Friday, one of our children came and found me to ask me how I felt about this. I thought this was a lovely question and one that I would never have encountered in another school. I said that when I thought about the new role I got very excited but then at other times I felt quite fearful of what the role meant and if I would be able to achieve it. They nodded, in a very serious way, and said that this was how they sometimes felt at school when they were working. I asked them how they managed this. They said they asked their friends for help, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world and that I was being quite silly not to know this!

Then the other day when I was walking through one of the classrooms, one of the children stopped me to tell me that they thought the idea of me being the Interim Head was a good one. When I asked them why they thought this, they said it was because I listened to the children. Two other children then joined the conversation and with great seriousness added that not only did I listen but also I asked children what they thought and did not just do what I wanted!

The final thing this week was that I was given a wonderful book. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a passion for children’s books. It was called ‘Angela Sprocket’s Pockets’. The story is about a person who seems to have whatever people need in one of her many pockets – be it a hat, a swimming costume, or an umbrella. As I read the book and enjoyed the illustrations, it made me think about the many demands and needs that are made of a head and how very beautifully Linda seemed to manage these on so many occasions. I hope that I will be able to do the same for this amazing community and if I cannot I will follow the advice of one of our wisest children. I will ask my friends. Alison