Since the beginning of term we have been engaged in a variety of settling in activities like: getting to know each other – what’s your favorite colour/snack/ number etc; drawing self portraits to go above our pegs; finding out where to find things in the classroom; making Pebble Partners and generally becoming more aware of the flow and routines of school life.

Alongside this we have started to explore if grains of sand grow and how magnets are made. There was a squeal of excitement when we discovered that sand gets bigger and looks as if it grows when viewed through a magnifying glass.

After learning how magnets are made we went on to explore why magnets sometimes push away from each other. We learnt that magnets have invisible fields and poles that repel and attract. We tried a variety of experiments including turning a nail into a magnet and turning a magnet into a compass. It’s been an exciting start to the school year!