Middle Years PE

It was lovely to see each other after the Easter break. The children started the week by practicing their strategies for maths calculations and finishing off bits and pieces for their parents and relatives visit.

With Heather, the children shared holiday news, which was then recorded as an illustrated mini book or story map. In maths, we started our new topic, which this term is going to be capacity. After sharing our definitions of capacity and volume, we checked them in a dictionary. We then predicted what certain containers might hold in ml before measuring how accurate we had been.

PE got off to a speedy start on Thursday as we looked at running and starting techniques (ask your children about ‘fish and chips’!) and on Friday we started our tennis PE sessions.

We also joined up with Early Years to meet Caroline from the Elderflower Fields Festival to start work on our art installation. If anyone has any old CDs please drop them in as we can use as many as possible.

Clare, Heather & Lauren