‘We’ve made rainbow water!’ An array of colourful faces and hues began to emerge around the Courtyard when the large parachute converted to become a coloured sky. Excited eyes watched and noticed the movement of the wave-like fabric moving with each change of the wind.

Intentionally and with determination, the boat water transformed by obtaining and adding paint… ‘We’ve made rainbow water!’ The children giggled and tried different ways to feel and change the material. The central hole became a fascination for the children, as they worked out how to peek through to see how it looked on the other side. Looking intensely at the parachute hole Lucius asks ‘Have we got any balls?’ Immediately we found four to use, with a sudden rush to the top of the steps he achieved his goal to throw them through the centre hole. Seeing the shadow from underneath, the children began to chase the balls until they could guide it to the hole. Lucius continued to try… ‘Feel the force, Luke(cius), feel the force!’ Such a great idea that others wanted to try too.