A mysterious sky cast over us as we read Harry Potter on Tuesday afternoon. We’d never seen the sky such a strange, dimmed, sepia tone. We listened to the news and learned that sands from the Sahara had blown across with storm Ophelia, along with ash from forest fires in Portugual. It was an amazing reminder of how interconnected things are in the world.

Continuing with our interest in Harry’s potion-making class and plan to visit a working science lab, we composed a letter to send to local secondary schools, requesting the opportunity to visit. We also started experimenting with different smoothie combinations, concocting a range of smoothie potions to sell to raise money for our own science lab.

We plan to launch our bar ‘The Three Snitches’ after half term, where you’ll have the opportunity to try out some of our ‘craft potions’ whilst helping us to raise money for science equipment!