Natural History Museum

This week in Later Years we went to the Natural History as part of our project on the theme of Evolution. After an eventful journey we took part in a workshop where we learned about how Charles Darwin developed his theory of inheritance and variation through his study of finches on the Galapagos Islands. We looked at how different types of finches had survived, over hundreds of years, by developing larger and longer beaks in order to gather more food for a series of stronger offspring. We also explored other galleries in the museum including fossils, dinosaurs and mammals which all helped us in our project.

In Maths, Ian’s group has been looking at BODMAS, a process for remembering how to approach more complicated mathematical problems. If you haven’t come across this before or not since you were at school yourself this link will be helpful

The PATINA theme has been revealed for this year, it is ‘Wonders of the World’. The Y6s have been exploring ideas of how this could be translated into costumes and a ‘Big Make’ for this year’s parade. They have also been conjuring ideas as to further fundraising for PATINA such as a whole school Dress Up Day, a Y6 Sponsored Silence and a potential sponsored Y6 school sleepover! Watch this space…